What is Analog U?

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Disconnect to Reconnect

Analog U is a co-curricular initiative of the Division of Undergraduate Studies. The program is designed to promote critical awareness of the role of digital technology in our lives. Students in classes across the university will have the opportunity to take a “tech holiday,” or, to go without digital technology and social media for up to 24 hours. A faculty member will sponsor the classroom experience and Analog U Academic Assistants will assist with some classroom and all of the co-curricular exercises.

Take a Tech Holiday on Earth Day

Try a day without devices. Join us in taking a tech holiday and setting aside your devices on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2016. Have a conversation, read a book, try yoga, take a guided walk through UO’s arboretum, and learn more about the impact technology use has on our abilities to learn, interact, and be present. Join us on Collier Lawn on Friday.